Welcome to Cold Springs Winery

Located in Beautiful Hammett, Idaho

Located on the eastern edge of the Snake River Plain near Hammett, Idaho, fresh spring water, volcanic ash soil, and spring-fed Snake River water contribute to the high quality and unique character of the grapes grown at Cold Springs Winery. Our beautiful vineyard is a unique destination that greets you and your guests with fresh countryside air, creating the perfect backdrop for your wine tasting adventures or special event.

Our Diverse Wine Selection

At Cold Springs Winery, we produce vineyard-designated wines that truly express the land where they come from. Our red and white wines are perfect for private tastings, events, and your personal enjoyment throughout the year. All of our selections are made by our expert winemaker, ensuring you’ll get the best varieties of aromatic, flavorful wines that we equally enjoy with our customers.

Contact us for questions about our winery, wine clubs, or general inquiries.